Meet the team - Mike McElhinney

Meet the team - Mike McElhinney

After over three and a half years as our Sales and Customer Service Manager, Mike has both a wide-ranging base of knowledge and a well-focused approach to the important things in life. We’re proud to work with him and pleased to share this look into his work and his mindset.

What does your daily work involve?

I’m as lucky as the ducks that eat Lucky Duck because my work is so varied and with a wide range of responsibilities.

From working with our Regional Sales Managers and the committed chocolate-eating Topflite team to staying busy processing new customer applications, and managing relationships and sponsorships with bird, poultry, cavy clubs and animal rescue facilities, no day is ever the same.

I’m also working with Topflite customers generally to learn more about their passions for their pets – and how we can keep them happy and their pets healthy.

What’s the best part of the job?

It’s two things actually. First, there’s working with a great team who are open to positive change and development. Second, there’s having a broad range of fantastic clients. As I’m often out in the market meeting with our clients the customer satisfaction from a job well done is the biggest reward.

What is one thing you’d like people to know about our work here?

It’s that we really do care about developing and delivering quality, nutritional products. It goes into everything we do here at Topflite.

Do you have any pets?

Heaps – I’m feeding the wild birds! In the past we’ve also had guinea pigs and cats.

What’s your favourite animal?

There’s too many to name, but the Karearea really impresses me. These magnificent birds can reach speeds of up to 200kmh!

Where’s your favourite place in New Zealand?

Fishing for Blue Cod off the coast in Kakanui.

Outside of work what are your interests?

First, spending time with my wonderful wife Frances and my family. Then there’s music, reading, wine, fishing, motorsport and quality tequila.

What’s the secret to your success?

Smile. Laugh lots every day!

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